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Our huge inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs are available exclusively and immediately at the Manheim Detroit auction!


You will find us every Tuesday in Lanes 5 & 7 at Manheim Detroit. In lane buyers are welcome!

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Helpful Information

How can you buyer from Canadian Super Sellers?

Units are available for purcahse at Manheim Detroit and OVE. Manheim is a dealer-only auction. You can attend the auction in person or online via Simulcast.

I have never bought at Manheim, how do I gain access?

The first thing to do to buy from Manheim Detroit is register online at and You will need your Auction ACCESS number, your state dealer license number and/or federal ID number. Once you have created an account, you can access Manheim's inventory, view vehicle histories, create block summaries, view auction account balances, submit online payment, and request title and arbitration status change notifications. You can now participate in the auction live or online via Simulcast. When attending in person, you must register at the sponsoring auction facility on the day of auction to obtain a bidder's number.

Do previously owned Canadian vehicles come with warranties?

Most of our vehicles come with a fully transferable warranty with the exception of Chrysler. This is due to a policy change in 2003 by the Chrysler company, which refuses to honor the warranty on cars or trucks exported from Canada to the U.S. There are some exceptions to this rule. About 20% of Chrysler's sold do include Can/Am warranty.

How do I transport my vehicle from Manheim Detroit to my dealership?

Transport is available for a fee from Manheim. As the buyer, you are responsible for vehicle transport whether through a third party carrier or someone from your dealership.

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