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A strong American dollar means you get more on the auction floor. Access 500+ exchange rate discounted units every Thursday from one of Canada’s top pre-owned automotive exporters.



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Fully Exported & US Titled Trucks

Motor vehicles imported into the United States are subject to U.S. air pollution control (emission) standards, safety standards, and bumper standards. All of our vehicles are U.S. titled and comply with all rules regarding emission, titles and registration.

Cluster Converted (KM to Miles) Trucks

All vehicles imported from Canada into the United States must have the speedometer converted from kilometers to miles. Canadian Super Sellers vehicles are all cluster converted and drive-ready!

Brokered, Exported & Immediately Available Trucks

Our inventory of used trucks and cars are all fully imported into the United States and available for purchase at auction at Manheim Detroit. View them in advance on OVE or purchase directly from auction.

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We are Canada’s Largest Used Truck Exporters

Dealers save big on used cars and trucks every Thursday at Manheim, Detroit. Canadian Super Sellers offers US dealers the largest range of previously-owned Canadian vehicles under one roof. All of our vehicles are cluster converted and either titled or guaranteed titled in 10 days. Why pay more when you can get more?

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A weakening Canadian dollar means American dealers can save huge on restocking their used car & truck inventory.

If you are an American used truck dealer looking to stock your lot with top rated trucks, Canadian Super Sellers is unmatched. Every week we auction 600+ top picks directly from Canadian dealer trade-ins (Diesel, F150, Silverado, Ram etc). Our exchange rate discounted used cars and trucks are sold every Thursday on Lanes 5,6,7,8 and 9 at Manheim, Detroit.
We are motivated sellers and have the price and inventory to make sure your time is well spent. Our lanes offer conversion rates you rarely find at auction (70+) and are offered on the largest lineup of trucks under one roof in North America. We promise you will get whatever you are looking for!

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600+ Exchange Rate Discounted Trucks & Cars

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