Warranty on Previously Owned Canadian Cars & Trucks

Do Auctioned Vehicles Include Warranty 

Do Previously Owned Canadian Vehicles Purchased at Manheim, Detroit come with a Manufacturers warranty?


Yes, with the exception of Chrysler.

Most of our vehicles come with fully transferable warranties with the exception of Chrysler. This is due to a policy change in 2003 by the Chrysler company, which refuses to honor the warranty on cars or trucks exported from Canada to the US.  To counter this issue, we typically sell our Chryslers for 1.5K-2K less to make up for price of the after market warranty. There are some exceptions to this. About 20% of Chrysler’s sold do include a Can/Am warranty however because we can’t guarantee or expect this it is currently considered just a buyer bonus!

But why?

In an attempt to stop the flow of Canadian pre-owned vehicles into the US, Chrysler has implemented their policy on non-transferable warranties. Because of economic disparities in Canada and the US, cars are priced differently in both countries.

“We have to price to be competitive in the marketplace, and because Canadians earn less and pay more in taxes, we price our vehicles lower there to make them affordable for that market,” Chrysler spokesman Dave Elshoff said.

For example, a pre-owned truck that is priced at $25,000 in the US could be priced around $20,000 in Canada, in order to remain in sync with the lower Canadian dollar. Therefore, we are able to export these vehicles back to the US with a $5,000 retail spread, and offer them to our buyers at an exceptional value.

To date, Ford and GM have not followed suit, and continue to offer fully transferable warranties with their pre-owned vehicles.

Aftermarket Warranties

Here are a selection of trusted companies offering aftermarket warranties on pre-owned vehicles:

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