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Transportion From Manheim, Auction to Dealership

Manheim, Detroit to Dealership 

Who handles transportation from Manheim back to my dealership?

Once our buyers have purchased a vehicle from us at Manheim, we are often asked what is the best way to transport their vehicle from the auction to the dealership. The great news is that dealers have options.

  • Have a member of your team personally pick up the vehicle. This can be a great option if your dealership is within a reasonable driving distance from the auction. Who better to deliver your car than one of your own trusted employees? It can be a lot cheaper to do it this way, however it’s wise to take the cost of lost work and fuel into account.
  • Most auctions can provide you with a list of trusted third-party transportation companies. They can be either self-serve, or full serve depending on your requirements. Here is a list of recommended companies:
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