Why Import Cars from Canada

Why should automotive dealers stock their lots with used Canadian vehicles?

Unbeatable savings for both you and your customer is possible, and only Canadian Super Sellers can help you stock your lot for less – without sacrificing value. Our inventory is fully stocked with the most in-demand vehicles around, all fully imported and ready for sale.

We know you want only good surprises. Canadian Super Sellers has a select group of automotive dealers to supply trade-ins who get their stock locally. This means we can stand behind our vehicles knowing that our inventory is unmatched in quality. If any standard issues arise, our promise to you is to to resolve it within 10 days of purchase – making sure you’re not left with unsellable inventory on your lot.


We offer unmatched, inspected quality. Every vehicle in our inventory is meticulously inspected and its record is fully verified before being cluster converted and titled making it ready to buy. Before they go on sale at Manheim, each car has a thorough history check to make sure you’re getting a surprise-free buy. That’s why we can stand behind every vehicle we sell!


Our vehicles are exchange rate discounted. Our vehicles sell for much less than American pre-owned vehicles thanks to the low value of the Canadian dollar. Now you can get top pick Canadian-supplied vehicles for a fraction of the cost of American. Only Canadian Super Sellers can help you pay less and get more!


Get a Competitive Edge | Buy Used Trucks from Canada

Used vehicle sales have risen for 19 consecutive quarters and by double-digit percentages in the last 3 quarters alone! This means that used cars, trucks and SUVs sell for more now than ever before in the US, and used automotive dealers are looking to auctions like Manheim to stock their lots with quality vehicles.

The decline in oil prices means the Canadian dollar is low. As a resource-based economy, Canada relies on oil to keep its currency competitive with the world, but in the last year alone it has depreciated by over 30%! The price of Canadian vehicles has not gone up – making them much cheaper, which means Canadian Super Sellers can help American dealers access a huge inventory of fully titled, cluster converted and fully imported vehicles!

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