I have built a company by personally building relationships with buyers across the United States. Buyers know and trust our name and that has brought us to where we are today. Standing behind every vehicle we sell and driving daily to create profitable relationships for all parties is, and always will be, my bottom line! We look forward to you becoming part of our family.

Michael Hymus

Founder, Canadian Super Sellers Automotive Group

Huge Discounted Inventory of Used Canadian Trucks & Cars


Available exclusively and immediately to dealers at the Manheim auction

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Founded in 2004 by Michael Hymus, the Canadian Super Sellers Automotive group is one of Canada’s largest automotive exporters. Vehicles acquired from the group are available for purchase at the Manheim auction in Detroit and shipped across the United States. What sets the Canadian Super Sellers apart is their unmatched commitment to building life-long relationships with U.S. based used car dealers. We are American dealers’ first choice in Canadian used cars and trucks because we:

  • Consistently offer an unbeatable selection of fully imported and brokered, US titled and cluster converted trucks & cars
  • Have the scale, positioning and volume which affords unmatched prices on trucks and cars
  • Provide immediate access to support and information on auction day both at the auction and from sellers
  • Have made a firm commitment to unmatched quality assurance & vehicle reporting
  • Maintain proven resolve to address any issues with every car or truck purchased

Unbeatable Dealer-Only Access to Discounted Canadian Inventory

Why do dealers across the United States turn to Canadian Super Sellers at auction? Simply put, we are the largest, most reliable source for unmatched prices on quality used cars and trucks from top Canadian dealers.

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